Why is NMD the best option?

NMD is the best choice for several sectors 

It’s the best choice for anyone who needs building materials is the best choice for the multiplicity and diversity of products in one place and includes a delivery and financing service to facilitate the purchase process. 

For contracted factories, they have a greater chance of gaining more customers. 

For financial companies, there is a greater chance of getting benefits 

For logistics companies, there is a greater chance to contract and get customers

What is the benefit that the buyer gains from the gathering of merchants in one platform?

Because the platform allows the buyer to compare goods and prices, conduct an online auction, search for the best, expand knowledge of new and multiple options that suit what the customer is looking for. 

It also enables facilitating financing so that it enables him to buy and money is not a barr.

Are the prices of NMD platform lower than other stores?

Yes, this advantage is due to competition between merchants, knowing that prices are subject to customer comparison, where the buyer can sort prices easily and flexibly, and the market supports distinguished merchants to encourage them to provide the best prices and distinguished services.

Do NMD manage the delivery process?

Yes, we provide delivery service through our partners and you can also track the order

Who are the beneficiaries of NMD?

Factory and business owners

What are the requirements to register as a seller through NMD platform?

As a seller, you must possess all of the following requirements:

 Commercial Register
 VAT Notice
 Trade License
 Tax number

When you participate to extend these requirements, the platform allows you to display your products and start directly displaying the goods. It gives you a personal account that allows you to add products and prices and receive orders. We also provide delivery through a logistic company.

Commercial Registration - VAT Notice - Trade License - Tax Number

How concerned is NMD platform with customer feedback?

Customer satisfaction is one of the first priorities of NMD platform, so we are always keen to take the opinions of customers to continuously improve the quality of services provided

When I want to help or when I face a problem, how can I contact NMD platform?

You can contact customer service directly via:

Live chats (live chat icon) available

Number: 0548404705

WhatsApp: 920033286.



What is the delivery cost?

You can contact customer service directly via:

Live chats (live chat icon) available

Number: 0548404705


WhatsApp: 920033286.


What are the payment methods available at NMD?

Bank transfers - credit cards and Mada  invoice financing.


What are the shipping methods available at NMD?

We have partnerships with local and international shipping companies to deliver all orders hand in hand. Through one of the shipping companies, the work team always monitors the quality and accuracy of the packaging processes, in order to ensure that your order is received in perfect condition and as soon as possible